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"On The Move" Radio Show

"On The Move" Radio Show

Hosted by: Christopher Cumby

Christopher Cumby is an accomplished Business Development & Sales Gamification Expert. He is the author of “The Success Playbook”, and the founder of the Sales Accelerator & Gamification Bootcamp, a complete...

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"How bad to you want it?" Ep. 3

In this episode, Christopher provides the audience with new tools to use in life to make better decisions and alignment with your true wants and desires. He dives into "Frequency and Vibration" and all that you are in...
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"The secret that hides in plain sight" Ep. 2

The week Christopher provides some insight into the secret that hides in plain sight. The secret is "YOU" and how you can tap into the frequency and vibration of the dreams you have and become the person who can...
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"Embrace The Suck!" Ep. 1

Christopher introduces this unique concept of coaching 1000's of people every Saturday morning to inspire the audience to go after their goals, dreams, and desires. The "Golden Rule" is the guiding light for society....
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On The Move "Trailer"

Life is lived forward but often not understood until you look backward.
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